Welcome to our OMAS membership page!

All OMAS applicants must hold a valid Academy of Model Aeronautics membership.

*Adult Memberships and Adult Membership Renewals are annually renewed at $85.00.

*Annual membership begins on January 1st and ends on December 31st.

Categories of membership are:

a) Full Member: any individual age 19 or older as of January 1st of the membership year.

b) Direct Family Member: any individual, sibling or spouse, of a Full Member may operate

RC models at OMAS with a current AMA membership (no OMAS membership fee required).

New and current members who wish to apply or renew their already existing OMAS Memberships for the new year, please click below to make your payment:

To download, print, and manually turn in an application with cash or check by mail or in person to any OMAS Club Officer, please click here

If you have questions or are uncertain on how to join, please reach out to an OMAS Club Officer.

For more information about the Academy of Model Aeronautics please visit their website www.modelaircraft.org by clicking here.