The Oregon Miniature Aircraft Squadron features some nice facilities for our members and guests to utilize! Check them out below!

Below: The 450' paved runway, which runs north to south, with two taxi ways on the western side, leading into the pit area.

Below: Pit tables with power recepticles for charging planes, powering hot glue guns, phone chargers and whatever else you might need power for.

Pit tables are fitted with fire extinguishers for use in case of emergency. They are checked monthly to ensure they're in running order.

Below: Engine run-up stands for fueling, starting up and tuning your nitro planes.

Below: Pilots only pit area. For safety, we ask that spectators remain on the west side of the pit tables.

Below: OMAS features a large reservoir for float plane flying and RC boats!. Launch from the bank next to the dock, or from the dock.

A retrieval boat is available in the boathouse and a canoe is also available near the dock.

Below: The no fishing zone at OMAS. In the past we have had issues with people fishing at the end of the runway while folks are flying.

This is an AMA Safety violation. We have worked with the Lewis family to create a "No Fishing Zone" while pilots are present. Pilots have priority.

The "No Fishing Zone" runs from the east side of the runway at the south end, across to the east side of the dock, as indicated by signs.

If you are flying and run into an issue, please reach out to an OMAS Club Officer.

Below: Our OMAS clubhouse, which features power, lights and running water, refrigerators stocked with snacks and drinks, a sink with antibacterial soap and papertowels to wash up,

a microwave, a RC flight simulator, heating and air conditioning, recycling bins, and tables with chairs if you need to get out the elements and work on something,

and also a first aid kit. Emergency location information for 911 is located on the sliding glass door.

Below: We have Honeybucket porta-pottys on site in case you need to use the restroom.

Below: Our retrieval boat storage house and toolshed for grounds keeping and event supplies.

Club members have access codes to utilize the recovery boat if necessary.

Below: Our flight boundary, which indicates the allowable area for our RC aircraft to fly within.

**Please note flying is prohibited near the Lewis House, and in or out of the pit area.**